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Free Tax Consultation

For general questions about the MobileTax.Pro process or prices.

(20 minutes)

Pre-Processing Consultation

During this appointment, we will review your needs for tax preparation and I’ll tell you what documents you’ll need to collect and submit to complete your tax return.

Once MTP receives those documents through the client portal at, your return will be prepared and you will receive notification that your return is ready to be reviewed.

(20 minutes)

Tax Return Review

During this appointment we will review your return, apply your signature(s) and efile your taxes. It’s that simple!

(40 minutes)

After The Return Questions or Concerns

This appointment is for you if you have received:

  • additional tax forms from an employer
  • documents or letters in the mail from the IRS or another taxing authority
  • or simply have a question about your filed tax return.

Fees vary and depend on the issue. Please remind me during our appointment if you signed up for Protection Plus Audit Assistance and ID Theft Protection for the tax year in questions. And congratulations if you did!! A little protection is always a good choice.

(20 minutes)

Tax Questions

Have your individual income tax questions answered. Includes 15 minutes of research.

$20 fee will be collected at the time of the appointment.

(20 minutes)
$ 20.00

File An Extension

Need more time? File for an Automatic 6 Month Extension of Time To File. Your tax return will be due on October 15. But don’t forget, the IRS will still charge interest on any taxes due and not paid by the regular tax due date.

$29 fee will be collected at the time of the appointment.

(20 minutes)
$ 29.00

Estimated Tax Payments

Own your own business? Receiving alimony? Get help estimating how much and when you need to make Estimated Tax Payments.

$50 fee will be collected at the time of the appointment.

(40 minutes)
$ 50.00

Monthly Tax Consulting Service Inquiry

Want more information of one of the new monthly tax consulting services? Let’s have a quick call and get you signed up!

(20 minutes)
$ 30.00 IconPowered by